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The F would go on to lead a Progressive grass-roots revolution in the grading system. It recruited lower letters to fight for respect, fairness, and upward mobility among the classes, then encountered a violent institutional backlash and crackdown.

F was eventually arrested, indicted with a capital crime, and sentenced to life wearing a dunce cap in the corner, but escaped during finals week and dropped out of the entire alphabet.

It now lives in exile -- among the numbers -- where it plots total overthrow of the entire school system, and dreams of a day when education will be driven by the love of learning and the development of critical thinking skills instead of political budget juggling and the grade-grubbing, points-earning test-teaching of mindless rote memorization.

Then until that day, if you ever listen carefully inside school libraries or quiet classrooms, you can hear its faint but undying rally cry: "F is for the Future..."
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